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Selenite Charging Bowls

Selenite Charging Bowls


These exquisite bowls are made from a mineral sourced directly from the deposits of Morocco.  Their smooth surface adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the natural variations in the stone make each piece one of a kind.


Handcrafted with care and precision, each bowl embodies the calming energy, purifying properties and spiritual sensitivity associated with this crystal.


Committed to offering products that enhance wellbeing, Selenite is believed to have healing properties which is often used in meditation and energy work. 


Its small size makes it perfect for use on a nightstand to charge small crystals, or even to hold special trinkets.  Round bowls measure 8cm, and the moon bowls 10cm approx.


Their enchanting lunar glow that emanates makes them visually striking and perfect for adding a classic and timeless touch to any space.  Its natural beauty makes it a unique and meaningful gift for anyone who appreciates the power of crystals or simply home decor with elegance.


Choose from round or moon-shape Selenite bowls.  

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