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Find the right wedding ring for you and your lifestyle!

Your wedding ring is going to be the jewellery you wear the most, so not only is the style important, but it must be comfortable and fit-in with your lifestyle too. 

Someone who works in administration for instance can have a more delicate ring than someone who is hands-on working in the labour sector.  Another person may spend their free-time dancing like a ballerina, whilst the other enjoys playing rugby.  The point I'm trying to make here is the ring must be up to the job and last a lifetime!

Having a wedding ring hand-made is more meaningful than buying one 'off-the-shelf' - so treat yourself when it comes to this sentimental long-term investment and get the ring of your choice.

Below is just a few options for you to consider when thinking about what you would like from your wedding ring.

Which precious metal do you want?

Bullion - Silver.jpg


Sterling & Argentum Silver

Bullion - Gold.jpg

Yellow Gold

9ct & 18ct Yellow Gold

Bullion - White Gold.jpg

             White Gold

9ct & 18ct White Gold

Bullion - Platinum..jpg



What profile do you prefer?

D-Shape Wedding Band Profile


Court Profile Wedding Band


Flat Profile Wedding Band


Flat Court Profile Wedding Band

Flat Court

Soft Court Profile Wedding Band

Soft Court

Flat Bevelled Profile Wedding Band

Flat Bevelled

Triangular Profile Wedding Band


Halo Profile Wedding Band


What width suits you best?

2mm Wedding Band


3mm Wedding Band


4mm Wedding Band


5mm Wedding Band


6mm Wedding Band


7mm Wedding Band


8mm Wedding Band


9mm Wedding Band


What finish would you like?

Hammered Finish Wedding Band

Hammered Finish

Highly Polished Finish Wedding Band

Highly Polished

Matt Finish Wedding Band

Matt Finish

Bevelled Edge Wedding Band

Bevelled Edge

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