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Selenite Candle Holders

Selenite Candle Holders


A mesmerizing creation that beautifully captures the essence of selenite's beauty and spiritual significance.  A crystal renowned for its qualities allows the soft flicker of candlelight to gracefully dance through its walls creating an enchanting and serene ambiance.


These candle holders are meticulously handcrafted to preserve the allure of selenite showcasing its rough edges that add to the charm of this remarkable crystal.  Their surfaces emit a glow often accompanied by areas of whiter hues.


Beyond their appeal Selenite candle holders are widely recognized for their purifying and energy clearing properties.  They are a choice, for enhancing the atmosphere in any space.  Whether you're looking to infuse serenity and tranquility into your home, or a spiritual practitioner seeking to elevate your spaces energy levels, these are a must have.

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