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Crystal Face Massagers

Crystal Face Massagers


    Incorporating a crystal face massager into your skincare regimen can boost circulation reduce puffiness and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  To amplify its benefits and achieve a glow consider integrating Face Yoga exercises alongside your face roller routine.


    More, than tools, these crystal face massagers embody indulgence and self love. Consistent use can help alleviate stress levels, encourage drainage, as well as enhance the absorption of your cherished skincare products.


    Which one do you need in your life?


    • Amethyst: Relaxation and spiritual enhancement
    • Jade: Balances and harmonises
    • Rose Quartz: Rejuvenates and promotes love
    • Sodalite: Calms and meditative


    Length 9cm, Width 4cm, Height 1.5cm

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