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Mesmerising freeform Ammolite set in a silver rub-over setting, edged with a diamond cut twisted weave detail.  Fully hallmarked with a Traditional UK London stamp.


This beautiful iridescent crystal has blue, green and purple flashes running through, resulting in a change of colour depending on the angle of light.


Ammolite is a very protective crystal that brings about personal awakening and helps harmonize you with your environment on a physical and spiritual level. Works with the root chakra channeling your energies. When worn often it can enhance dreams and give prophetic dreams. Its strong protective energies will help you survive any kind of problem, challenge, or trauma.


This handmade crystal pendant comes with a lovely 18" sterling silver Spiga necklace, but does look great on a choker too (as shown in the last picture), so please contact me if you want to puchase one of these instead.


As always, there are different chains and lengths available, so please get in touch if you'd prefer something else.


This handmade crystal pendant will be cleansed, charged and lovingly blessed before being dispatched to you x

  • Dimensions

    35mm (length) x 18mm (width) approx.


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