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This striking cabochon cut tear drop Bloodstone Jasper has a silver diamond cut twisted weave ring to add a bit of sparkle.


Known to be magical because of its ability to transmute negative energies, purify the environment, and protect all at the same time.  An excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone. Heightens intuition and increases creativity.  A very calming, grounding stone, making it a helpful ally for difficult situations.  Encourages presence, as well as persistence. 


This handmade crystal pendant comes with an 18" sterling silver 3mm Cable necklace, but does look great on a choker too if you wanted to puchase that instead (please contact me to arrange).


As always, there are more styles and lengths of chains available, so please get in touch if you'd prefer something different.


This handmade crystal pendant will be cleansed, charged and lovingly blessed before being dispatched to you x

  • Dimensions

    48mm (length) x 26mm (width) approx.


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